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14 l 9 l 96

Been reading Bakuman, and around chapters 165 ish? Where the pure lovers are insulted by the world.. that was so heartbreaking, seeing so many idiots out there just like we do in the real world, despite it being an anime world. Anime which can set readers emotional and angry enough to stand and punch the wall, (y) Bakuman 

Spoiler for Naruto 616 - what I found inspirational and so I decided to share the text from the manga.

Gai: Lee.. as long as we remember Neji’s feelings.. he will continue living inside us.

Obito: … I’ll teach you something… That’s what made me live so far, it can also work as a powerful curse!!

Kakashi: Naruto… I told you that… “I will never let my friends die”.. That’s also something that I wanted to convince myself of… There are many friends I was unable to protect so far. That’s why every time I swear that I will protect them but then I still happen to face the truth of when I’m not able to do it. You have to take that ‘wound’ with you forever..

Naruto: That’s why we are the ones who endure.. We are Ninja. I will never forget… And anyway, that wound.. means that my friends are still inside me. The real friends are not the ones I created in my dreams not to get hurt.. that would be erasing the real ones.. It can be a curse, but I don’t care.. I want to keep the real Neji here!! *hits chest/heart to show Neji will always be in his heart*.

— What a “shinobi” is!

Naruto looks so boss. Domination <3